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Wireless access

Installing and operating a Wi-Fi hotspots allows you to attract customers and differentiate your business.

Hitech-WiFi service is based on the wireless access to a corporate network or Internet using Wi-Fi technology. Besides corporate applications, this technology is used in hotels, bars, restaurants, office centers, airports and other public places.

Wi-Fi zone is created by network of wireless access points (hot-spots) that provide network access at speed up to 11 Mbps.

Advantages of Hitech-WiFi:

  • Free movement of Wi-Fi users within coverage zone
  • Less time of Wi-Fi network installation compared to cable networks
  • High security and jamming resistance level
  • Attractiveness for the customers
  • Higher mobility for the employees

HITECH-Telecom offers complete managed WiFi Hot Spots solutions.

Are you a business owner looking to add the value and convenience of a WiFi Hot Spots but donít want to get involved with the hassle of management & maintenance?

We offer complete turn key solutions to enable this valued amenity for your customers.

With devices becoming increasingly more mobile, people are expecting the convenience of pervasive connectivity.

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