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Wireless videomonitoring

Wireless around-the-clock videomonitoring service Hitech-Keeper is widely used by leading building companies, helping to keep track on the works at the construction site 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in real time.

The image is generated by the cameras, installed at the site, and is transferred on a computer, a smartphone or a mobile phone of the client via Internet.

Wireless image transmission in real time has several advantages:

  • Opportunity to constantly keep an eye on the situation at the construction site and the opportunity to quickly interfere in the process at any stage
  • User-friendly interface and simplicity of remote handling of the videocameras
  • Opportunity to archive the stream video on a client’s personal page
  • Flexible and scalable system
  • You can receive on a single computer all the images from all the cameras on the site, as well as from several building sites.

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