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HITECH-Telecom offers installation and maintenance of wireless office telephone system and the pack of services CFMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) that unite mobile and fixed communications within corporate phone network:

  • Single numbers for mobile and office telephones
  • Individual numeric plan
  • Short-dial within the network
  • Flexible call forwarding system
  • Internet access and access to local corporate resources
  • Access to email from a mobile phone etc.

Because of wireless office phone system installation the client gets the whole range of important advantages:

  • Long-distance and international callsí rates equal to the the office rates
  • Control from a cell-phone over incoming and outgoing calls
  • 24 hr support for fixed and mobile communication users
  • Single bills for fixed and mobile telephony
  • Economizing on calls


Hitech-Telecom offers a comprehensive range of services providing its clients with traditional telephony that includes local telephone networks access and arrangement of the multi-channel digital telephone lines with the direct local numbers. As a result, the client can make local, long distance and international calls at the best tariffs plus all the advantages of IP-telephony.
Telephony by Hitech-Telecom is:

  • Optimization of telecommunications costs
  • Unlimited quantity of direct numbers
  • Transferring the existing numbers from other operators
  • Round-the-clock support

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