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Fiber Optic Broadband Internet


For modern companies, that donít see their business without Internet access, Hitech-Telecom offers high-speed internet access via dedicated digital channels at 100 Mbps.

This service includes domain names support (Secondary DNS and Primary DNS), e-mailing (POP3), IP-addresses, purchasing and installation of the equipment.

The main advantages of this service:

  • Simultaneous connection to the channel the needed number of users
  • Integration with voice and data transmission services
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Opportunity to use the most advanced software and hardware available on the market
  • Flexible adjustment according to the clientís needs


Hitech-Telecom offers leasing of all kinds of dedicated channels - fiber-optic, satellite and wireless that have transmission capacity from 2048 kbps to 1 Gbps. Thanks to a long list of partners that includes most channel operators;

Hitech-Telecom can offer solutions for any type of business.
The other scheme of the companyís work is construction of telecommunication channels and leasing them to the end users.

According to this scheme the company offers the technical support and maintenance of telecommunication channels.

Advantages of leasing dedicated channels from Hitech-Telecom:

  • Absence of the need to have own IT-department responsible for telecommunication channels
  • Absence of physical connection to the telecommunication channels while moving company to other location
  • Optimal management of costs on high-speed data transmission


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