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HITECH-TELECOM is a universal Russian telecom operator and builder, focused on work with premium commercial real estate and large corporate clients.

HITECH-TELECOM is a federal level company that works with multinational corporations throughout the Russian Federation. All our activities are supported by appropriate state licenses.

Having considerable experience of interaction with design and construction companies, HITECH-TELECOM provides full range of services in the field of construction of telecommunication infrastructure inside buildings - cable entry (construction, approval and connection to the telephone channels), internal cabling systems (Structured cabling system), access control systems (ACS ) and video surveillance, installation of telephone stations and various data transmission systems.

After building the communication channels and physical connection of the property object, we provide its monthly maintenance and technical support of the users.

Only in 2010 the volume of our SCS installation works exceeded 200,000 sqm, and the geography of completed projects included Moscow, Moscow Oblast, St. Petersburg, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk and Yessentuki.

Our company has at its disposal teams of experienced builders and installers of up to 100 people, so we are able to complete large volume of work at minimum time and attractive pricing. We have everything necessary for the immediate start of the work at any object, from professional equipment by the leading manufacturers to mobile homes for the personnel on site.

We are proud of our clients among leading Russian companies and of numerous recommendations. We are recommended when there’s a need in the best Russian specialists who have extensive knowledge and practice in the telecommunications sector.

We are always open for any new projects which aim is to build quality and advanced telecommunications systems that can make business more efficient, and life – more comfortable.

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