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  • A full range of primary and secondary digital telephony services. Provision of direct telephone numbers. Long-distance and international communications, IP telephony.
  • Data transmission and Internet access via dedicated digital, fiber optic, satellite, dial-up, additional Internet services.
  • Install and installation of communications equipment, commissioning, delivery systems on a turnkey basis. Modernization of communication nodes, the reconstruction of cable distribution networks.
  • Design, construction and maintenance of complex systems of communication, areas of WI-FI, channel integration of voice and data.
  • Universal networking solutions and applications. Design, development and modernization of the SCS and Local Area Networks. Network Administration: comprehensive subscription service. Union offices. Creating systems: document management, security and information control, backup and data storage.


HITECH Telecom received the status of federal telecom operator....> 04/03/2011
HITECH Telecom established a management system WI-FI, based on vouchers, provided the communication channels and organized surveillance network of coffee houses Red Espresso Bar (Redkafe) in Moscow....> 16/02/2011
The site appeared to "guest" with the recommendations of our customers ("Our Clients ")...> 15/10/2010
Generic Cabling System for central office «Rosmorport»
HITECH Telecom won the tender for creation of Generic Cabling System for central office «Rosmorport»...>
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